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Leeds Recycling

recyclcing waste management

As part of Local Waste Management Environment helps Leeds Council reach Authorities recycling goal,

In partnership with Local Waste Management Environment, Leeds County Borough Council (LCBC) is surpassing local and European recycling goals, managing about 80,000 tonnes of municipal waste per annum.

As town in  Yorkshire, Leeds is an important center for the area’s commercial, retail and educational infrastructure.

LCBC and Local Waste Management Environment, formerly Waste Recycling Group (WRG), signed a private finance initiative (PFI) deal in 2007 to construct and run a brand new recycling facility in Leeds. Leeds Council was allocated 40 million by the Welsh Government over a 25 year span to come up with the recycling park that’s the first of its kind to be financed under PFI in Wales.

The development of Leeds Recycling Park has empowered Leeds to achieve, maintain and surpass recycling goals determined by the Welsh Government and European legislation.

Working with Leeds Council

To help LCBC match and exceed goals determined by local and European laws and to minimize the quantity of municipal waste sent to landfill, Local Waste Management Environment worked in partnership together with the Council to design and build Leeds Recycling Park.

Local Waste Management Environment’s strategy to deliver a sustainable future

We’re eager to encourage waste as a useful resource consistent with the European Waste Framework Directive

Our seasoned team run more than 200 recycling and renewable energy websites in the United Kingdom offering municipal and company waste options for businesses of all sizes

Local Waste Management Group are business leaders in Energy from Waste with EfW plants throughout Europe

We work in partnership with local authorities, schools and community groups to raise consciousness of the requirement for a much more sustainable future

Tonnage by stuff:

Mixed glass – 4,050

Steel cans – 645

Aluminium cans – 236

Road sweepings and gully waste – 4,052

Food, garden and cardboard – 17,606.

To learn more, see www.Local Waste

Leeds Recycling and Waste management

Its expertise is extensive which ranges from policy and strategic issues to the group, treatment, recycling and administration of waste in all its kinds. It has company supporters  making certain any byproduct from any company goes on to additional secondary favorable reuse with a fit to the neighborhood community. It’s  committed resource team will concentrate on providing:

  1.  A flow analysis across whole company
  2.  Waste contract and functional functionality delivery

It also allows a company to contemplate the market development for use of alternative substances and waste composition evaluation, in addition to energy management and efficacy, including investment and funding of onsite waste treatment jobs.

Waste  Recycling Leeds practices

  • build any company it serves company standing

The importance of recycling and resource recovery is high on both the Government’s program and in the public conscience, and with advanced recycling technologies accessible it’s really no longer okay for companies to be disposing of waste to landfill without consideration for the environmental effect of the strategy.

Companies have many pressures to cope with, at Local waste management we can ensure that waste recycling is not one of them, by offering you cost effective reputable and nicely organised recycling services for any company. Leeds recycling is committed to deliver a zero landfill waste disposal. It aims at quick retrieval of waste that is green friendly, effect material sustainability for any company as the waste materials are generated to a productive use of waste materials recycled for use. This is possible with the elimination of the traditional garbage disposal finding its way to the traditional landfill, with it eliminated, any company served has promises of generating revenues that adds up to company growth.

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