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Clinical Waste Leeds

A clinical waste are thrown away biological residues that resemble blood and blood products, body and organ tissues from hospitals , laboratories and other medical institutions. This can include aside from disposable  scissors, syringes- the gauze and dressings including contaminated beddings and sheets thrown to eliminate contamination in the medical facilities.

Leeds like all over England the disposal of bio-medical wastes is monitored closely. The latest regulation according  to clinical waste leeds guidelines is one signed for both Scotland and UK and Wales- The hazardous Waste Regulations and the Special Waste Regulations in 2005.

clinical waste leeds

Clinical Waste Collections Leeds

A must to prevent spread of diseases, re-infection, cross-contamination and the likelihood of spreading a disease.

The clinical waste services in Leeds from the recycling team offers waste disposal options among dental clinics, walk-in clinics, laboratory and diagnostic centers.  These centers’ services rely on sharps (scissors, twissors , glass vials, needles) to deliver. The accumulation of waste posts safety issues for both the workers  and the clients.  On this line, the clinical  waste leeds disposal states:

  •  why we plan to take the hassle from the waste management with our Clinical Waste Solutions.
  • Our committed clinical service bundle offers you:
  • A free survey of your demands
  • Containers and packaging materials tailored to all those needs
  • A bonded collection program, working towards zero waste to landfill
  • Completely compliant legal documentation to allow you to fulfill your HSE duties
  • Safe management and authorized disposal that meets external demands and ‘Duty of Care’ audits
  • Training to make sure your staff segregate and manage waste safely and professionally

Clinical waste Leeds disposal

Appropriate for all clinical waste flows including dangerous, contagious, medicinally contaminated and bad waste, while it’s in bags or containers.

  • Dental waste
  • We offer an all-inclusive array of containers specially designed for all dental waste flows from amalgams to xray substances.Sharps and theater units
  • Safe disposal
  1. Our private waste management services include risk-free disposal and shredding.
  2. General and combined recycling
  3. Dumpster hire
  4. We provide a wide selection of dumpsters at really competitive costs for one off collections as and when needed.

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