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Waste Collection Leeds

Welcome to the Recycling Team, we are company that is passionate about reducing waste and saving Leeds and Yorkshire companies money.

We offer the following services;

  • Free bins for your business
  • Regular waste collections
  • Free advice
  • Expert customer care
  • All types of waste collected

And a promise to reduce your waste and save you money

Commercial-Waste leeds

In addition to everyday general waste that 99.9% of businesses will have, we also specialise in hazardous waste

Hazardous and chemical waste leeds

The services of the recycling team in Leeds cannot be understimated in its immediate action to manage hazardous liquid and chemical wastes. The recycling team offers you:

  • Dangerous Liquids-Our specialist fleet of dangerous waste removal vehicles are produced to the highest specification and effective at transporting a varied array of substances including flammable liquids.
  • Our hazardous waste team, HazSolve, employs an extremely technical work force of qualified professional waste managers, chemists and environmental specialists to cope together with all your hazardous waste conditions.
  • Bulk liquid disposal-Our fleet of specialised tankers can transport a variety of liquid wastes from your website to appropriate disposal sites throughout the nation.
  • Sewage disposal
  • Heavy Industrial cleaning=Specialist teams can carry out emptying and cleaning of petroleum and procedure tanks, pits, sumps and ducts to gasoline free certification.

It’s essential that we independently evaluate your liquid treatment conditions to be able to supply the most affordable treatment option predicated on locality and suitability.

Waste collection Leeds

Liquid treatment technologies accessible include:

  • Physicochemical treatments may be utilized for contaminated waters, heavy metal polluted sites, spray booth and paint waste, oil/ water mixtures and emulsions etc.
  • Biological waste treatments are accustomed to treat pharmaceutical and decorative wastes, chemical waste, food wastes and polluted waters.
  • Solvent blending is used to treat solvent established compounds which are a central job focused by hazardous liquid management by waste leeds experts.

Our dangerous waste removal section HazSolve can additionally help deal with any specialist waste restoration conditions.

At Local waste management we can use the expertise from our specialist departments just as you need them for your manufacturing plant. Again, our hazardous waste section, HazSolve can ensure conformity and superiority in specialist substance waste disposal for instance, while our award winning food waste management service may ensure best practice in food waste management also.

We realize that key to a successful environmental programme is the involvement and involvement of your staff. Bearing this in mind we supply bespoke training and clear and straightforward signage to make sure that all workers know of and comprehend what’s needed of them to ensure maximum recycling rates for the business and the surroundings.

For more information on the subject of the manufacturing businesses and expertise we can offer, and how we could supply an affordable waste management service for you please phone us on.

Bins for waste collections

Most hazardous materials belong to big companies. The conveyor is another type of trash collection piece  used by waste collection leeds. While most of the rash held are not hazrdous, the convenience of being able to hold volumes of thrash from companies to avoid clogging the space is a plus in considering this type of waste disposal.

Bin Conveyor

The edge of the Rearend Loaders (REL) system comprise:

Prompt and efficient on site emptying

Routine scheduled groups

Complete variety of container size

Lidded or open container

Cost effectiveness

Simple loading

The functioning of the REL system is well suited for low density compactable waste and permits for recycling and general waste disposal to work hand in hand.


Token Container Capacity A (Height) B (Width) C (Span)

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